Album Tracks

  1. Better One Day With Jesus
  2. He Is my Light
  3. Underneath the Shining Star
  4. Have You Seen Him?
  5. Two Little Houses
  6. Stop and Think
  7. Seed You Sow
  8. Store Up Good
  9. Little Zac
  10. Look To Jesus
  11. Once Upon a Boat
  12. Let the Little Children Come
  13. Father In Heaven
  14. You Know
  15. Remember
  16. You Are the Shepherd
  17. In My Father's House
  18. The Grace Song of Heaven
  19. Christ Has Risen (Hallelujah)
  20. I'm Ready to Go

Songs That Jesus Said (2005) is a collection of children's songs created by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Based on the words and teachings of Jesus, it brings the whole message of the gospels alive to children in a new infectious way!