Frequently Asked Questions


Placing an Order:

  • On the home page click the “Store” tab.
  • On the left hand side of the page select the country (US, Canada or Europe/World) for your Store
  • Next, select the type of product you are looking for from the tabs: Albums, Sheet Music, Song Books and gifts, MP3 or Trax.
  • Each one of these tabs will take you to a page that offers the various titles available in that format.
  • Once you have added the items to your basket and are ready to check out, click the "CHECK OUT" button.

Creating an Account:

Accounts are created during your first purchase process.  At that time you will provide your billing and delivery information and set up an email driven account with your password.  

Can I order over the phone?
At this time we do not have the capacity to handle phone orders.  We do utilize a secure online order process through our website.  If you are having trouble with the website or internet, try closing your browser, clearing the cookies and starting again.

My order was wrong or damaged.
Please send an email to with the following information:
Subject line:  Wrong order OR damaged product received
In the body of the email please include your receipt (cut & paste or forward that email) with a complete description of what was wrong or damaged.  Please use full titles when describing albums, to make sure we can correct your order as quickly as possible.  If the packaging the product arrived in was also damaged, please let us know that as well.  We try to replace these orders as quickly as possible.  We will also respond with what to do with the wrong order or damaged product once we know the details.

We are a small distribution company, thus all sales are final with no returns.  If you intended the item(s) to be a gift, perhaps you can bless someone else with your purchase.  Downloads are not returnable or refundable. Thank you for understanding.

How do I send orders to someone other than myself?
When you get to the checkout screen, there is a small button at the bottom of your billing address that says “Tick this box if you want your order delivered to a different address”.  After clicking this box, a Delivery Address Section will display on the screen.  Please note, at this time our website only allows for one delivery address per order.  If you wish to deliver to multiple people you will need to place multiple orders.


Missing Song: I can't find a song or sheet music for a song?
Make sure to check for the song in the HYMNS page.
Please read each hymn page carefully so you know what is available for that song. While we may not have an arrangement of a particular song, some of our partners do.  Use the links to view a search of the Getty titles available from Hal Leonard or Lifeway.  
Wikipedia List of Getty Hymns

KEYS: Do you have this song in a particular key?
The hymn and piano/vocal music sheets are in three keys (the original, one up and one down).  The orchestration is only in the key listed.  The current titles with the various arrangement styles and keys listed are what is currently available.  Check the preview copy for the key if it is not listed.  We are in the process of developing more robust charts for our songs.  As they become available they will be added into the listings.

What do I get when I purchase a Trax?
Most of the Trax come with the original song, orchestration & background vocals, and just instrumental, (original key, one up and one down).


BOOKING: Can you come to our area?
Thank you for your interest in bringing Keith and Kristyn Getty to your area.  Please send us a Booking Enquiry so we can consider all the information before responding.  We take many factors into consideration when routing a tour and booking venues so please be patient in hearing back from our team. The Getty band currently consists of 10 people with additional technical crew and support as needed. We encourage partnerships between several churches to build a city-wide event in a large venue. If you would be interested in working with us, please let us know, and suggest some possible church partnerships so that we might begin working together.  


CHANGES: I love your song, but I made a few changes to the lyrics, what do you think?
Please read this excellent post Can I Change the Lyrics to Your Song from Bob Kauflin at Worship Matters. Quoted here is a portion of that article: "Others want to add verses to songs...or rewrite entire lyrics to songs, which is a bad idea.  It's like demanding someone enter into a co-writing relationship with you when you've never met each other.  And it's not very often that the new or additional lyrics are an improvement on the original."  Please read the entire post.

PERMISSION: I want to use your song in my (wedding, Bible study, church service, etc), or I want to reprint the lyrics to your song in my (bulletin, program, newsletter).  Do I have your permission?
Thank you for your interest in using the Getty’s music. Our songs are protected by copyright and using them requires permission through the following entities as they hold the copyrights to our songs:

Does your church have a CCLI license? If so, use of the song will be covered under that license. If you have a CCLI question, they have a great FAQ page on their site. The following link to the CCLI website “Top 50 FAQ” section may be of some help for you. You will find questions like “What kind of photocopies are allowed under the Church Copyright License?” You will also find this answer in the CCLI License Manual. CCLI FAQs


BROADCAST: I would like to use your track ____ in the intro for our church podcast, do I have permission? 
Thanks for reaching out, and we are so encouraged by your use of our hymns!  Unfortunately, we are not able to grant permission to broadcast these songs as they are administered by Capitol CMG/ThankYou Music.  However, this should be covered under your CCLI broadcast license just as all other worship songs should be.  My advice would be to contact the folks at CCLI to ensure you have the proper permissions.

RECORDING: May I record your song _____ ?
Thank you for asking because our songs are protected by copyright and using them requires permission.  Contact for permission to use, copy, or record any songs that have a Getty Music Copyright. 

COMPILATION VIDEO: May I use the Facing a Task Unfinished compilation video?

Thank you for your interest in using the Facing A Task Unfinished Compilation video.  Getty Music does grant permission to use the video for non-commercial uses (some examples of non-commercial use are as follows)

  • In a live worship service, with congregational singing along or as a stand-alone video
  • In a small group setting - Bible study, community groups, etc
  • At missions conferences

All copyright information on the video must remain and not be altered in anyway.  The video itself may not be altered, reformatted, new vocals added or changed in anyway.

YOUTUBE: May I use ____ YouTube video in church?
The answer to this question can be a bit tricky.  The answer is YES, but is predicated on a few factors: 

  • Do you have appropriate CCLI licensing?  
  • Was the video uploaded legally to youtube?  If it is from the artist’s feed (like ours) then this is a yes.  If it is from a 3rd party, such as an individual who has uploaded the recording from a CD, it is probably not legal.  

UNSOLICITED MATERIALS: I have written a song, some lyrics, or a poem – could you please review this and let me know what you think?
Thank you for valuing our input regarding your music.  Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited materials.  The volume of requests we receive and the responsibility we would assume in accepting them make it an impractical pursuit at this time.

A great way to submit your songs for analysis is through organizations such as the Gospel Music Association  They and other groups like them, host regional events that are an excellent way to have your songs reviewed and critiqued by top professionals from major publishers and labels.

If you are interested in hearing Keith’s comments on songwriting, please visit our Videos Page and see Keith’s “story-behind-the-song” videos.  You can also sign up for our Mailing List to find out about events happening in your area, including our “leader’s events” which include discussion on songwriting.   

We wish you the best in your writing endeavors.

DONATIONS: Would you donate to our cause?

Getty Music is happy to make a donation package of CDs for your fundraiser.  Please complete the following information and send this email back to

Name of the Charity:
501(c)(3) status Yes or No:                
Tax ID number:
Date Needed:
Contact Name:
Shipping Address:  
State, Zip:

Anticipated attendance at your fundraiser:
Is this a silent auction?  Yes or No
The mission statement of the charity:
Funds raised are for what purpose: