- Songs to share -

We hope you will join us for a SING! event!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone who was coming to the event knew all of the Hymns and had been singing them in their homes and churches for weeks before?  

The roof would be raised!!

The reformer, Martin Luther was passionate and serious about the art and practice of music and congregational singing - a passion that today in many churches has arguably lost its focus. We have a chance to bring that back into focus in these coming weeks as we prepare to join together in song and "Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious!" (Ps. 66:2).

TIm Keller writes "Glorious worship is exuberant, never half-hearted. It is attractive, not off-putting. It is awesome, never sentimental. It is brilliant, not careless. It points to God, not to the speakers… There is nothing more evangelistic, nothing that will win the world more than glorious worship." (The Songs of Jesus, May 22 Psalm Devotion).

We look forward to our SING! fall tour with anticipation and hope that this act of worship will transform your Life, Family and Church.

Please provide the information below to receive FREE MP3’s and Sheet Music for the top 10 Songs that we’ll be singing together at SING! and join us in sharing with your friends family and church. (Click HERE to find a SING! event near you!)

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