Please e-mail with any questions you might have!

What do I wear?

The conference will be live-streamed and the choir will be visible to those watching online. As a reminder, clothing should be modest and black. Black on black on black. Anything light or bright will definitely stand out on camera. Formal or business attire is not necessary, but men are encouraged to wear shirts with collars and ladies should plan on modest necklines and covered shoulders.

Please do not pack t-shirts with visible lettering or graphics, jeans, light or bright colors, short hems, thin straps, or low necklines. We are singing to the glory of our creator and want to be modest in the process!

The conference venue is in a large hotel setting. Please plan on wearing walking shoes - heels are not needed. We want everyone to be comfortable for the duration of the conference. 

When should I arrive?

All choir members will have check-in starting at 12:00 PM on Sunday, August 18th. This will be followed by a rehearsal at 2:00 PM. We like to hit the ground running! Please make plans to arrive at Opryland, after a personal lunch, by 12:00 PM. We will have additional scheduling information for Sunday evening, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the next week- so stay tuned! 

Where do I park?

If you are staying at the Gaylord, on-site parking is $32 each day, and valet parking is $40 each day. If you are staying off property we highly encourage carpooling, walking whenever possible, and utilizing the city uber and lyft services. For a map of downtown Nashville parking, see our maps page.

Can I bring my bag into the Bridgestone Arena?

Please see the Bridgestone Bag Policy for a list of items that you will be able to bring into the arena.

Where can I download music?

Click HERE to download music as it becomes available.

Sunday night Hymn Sing

The choir will be participating in a portion of the Sunday Night Hymn Sing at no additional cost. If you've already purchased tickets, you are certainly welcome to keep your tickets, enjoy the evening from your seats and re-join the choir on Monday morning at rehearsal.