Dear Friends,

Reformation Day Greetings!
We thought it appropriate to thank all of you - especially today - for your prayers and support over the past few months.
The Sing! book and conference, like so much of our vision for hymn writing over the past two decades, were inspired in significant part by Martin Luther. The last month has been a hugely transformative one for us, and we are more invigorated than at any time before about the importance of the work we are all engaged in.
There are so many memories from the conference - from the rich sung harmonies, to the powerful teaching, to the extraordinary artistry we all enjoyed. 
For us, it was the people - to see new collaborations such as Joni Tada and Laura Story, or the artistic fusion on stage at the Opry, or the variety of musical expression between rooms - but even more so, it was the private, unpredictable connection between missionaries and classical musicians; or songwriters and church planters; or families and friends we've known for years sharing ongoing struggles or new burdens for areas of creative opportunity.
As believers around the world begin the "500th year" celebrations of the Reformation, we are encouraging you to join us in prioritizing congregational singing in your local churches. Perhaps think about its implications for your Christmas gatherings this year or plan to make it a point of emphasis for 2018.
We are also going to begin a weekly note which we will send to you with thoughts, prayers and reflections of what we are learning as we travel this journey together.
So today, as we celebrate the courage and vision of one faithful musical monk five hundred years ago, may each of us of be inspired to sing truth deeply in our own lives, and in those of the families and churches in our care, that every part of our being and imagination are being transformed by the beauty, wonder and worship of Christ.
Soli Dei Gloria,

Keith & Kristyn Getty