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Getty Music 2018 PRAYER gUIDE



  • We are deeply thankful to the Lord for sustaining and strengthening our family through our local church, friends and prayer supporters
  • We give thanks for the impact the Sing! movement continues to have on so many and how it has transformed our work and vision for the future
  • We are humbled and grateful for all the new doors that opened in 2017 because of the Sing! book, the OBE award, the global missions partnerships resulting from “Facing a Task Unfinished” and unique opportunities with the Houses of Parliament and leaders in DC
  • We are thankful for privilege of being involved in this work as we develop a vision for deep singing in churches through 2050




  • Please pray for growth and depth in our Christian walk and in all who lead in our organization
  • Please pray for our marriage and family as we welcome our fourth daughter into the world, and those of the people we work with
  • Please pray for Kristyn through the final months of pregnancy as she struggles with fatigue and nausea
  • Please pray for two of our friends who are experiencing brokenness in their families



  • Pray that we will improve and develop as songwriters this year as we focus on writing 100 days around the theme of the Psalms, among other hymns and songs
  • Pray for a wise strategy and partnerships for our publishing as we aim to plant deep songs in churches
  • Pray also for the talented younger songwriters we are working with increasingly
  • Pray for “Sing 2018” and its influence on growing leaders, families and churches around the world both at the event (planning for around 8000 attendees) and on the livestream.
  • Pray for wisdom as we seek to steward the hymns and values of our company through developing products such as the Sing! book, music resources, educational resources and partnerships
  • Pray for focus as we reduce the number of events we do this year to thirty, including fifteen citywide Sing! Live events in the fall, fifteen Sing! Christmas events and an international tour to the UK
  • Pray for a compelling vision as we seek to expand our work globally with the Global Hymn Sing Feb. 25, the scholarships of Internationals to the conference, the expansion of the conference live-stream and the development of more songs and resources in other languages
  • Pray for our staff: Greg McNey, Josh Sutton, Joni McCabe, Beverly Bartsch, Deborah Klemme, Scott Revo, Elizabeth Graham, our band, & all partners!
  • -Pray for much wisdom and clarity as we seek to support all of the wonderful opportunities we’ve been given with the right organizational structure