Pray for Getty Music

When praying for Getty Music, please remember these...

1. Keith & Kristyn and all involved, for integrity and growth of lives & families above all else.

2. That we will continue to write good songs, this year for the new "Sing" projects.

3. For the opportunity to travel up to 12 weeks per year - that these events will proclaim the beauty of Christ in a way that leads people to Him or to deeper faith, and will build churches through the songs they sing.

4. For the envisioning and leadership of our organization and for all those who lead and serve the various aspects of the music.

5. Special Prayer focus on "Sing" Conference:

     - Firstly, that every part of this project (book, conference, songs, recordings, tours, tools) will inspire and build churches in their singing and thus every part of their lives and that we will see a great reformation in this area of church life.

     - Every single attendee - pastor or musician, church, organization, denominational leader - will go away with a renewed vision of the sung praise for their people.

     - For Josh Sutton alongside Greg, Joni and the whole team here at Getty Music preparing the conference alongside the many leaders who speak into the envisioning.

     - For all the artists, theologians, leaders who will lend their voices to the conference.

We are so grateful for your prayers,