Welcome to the 2018 NYC Carnegie Hall Stage Choir registration page! Hope to see a lot of you again this year, and if you have others from your city or church interested in coming with you, consider gathering a group of 12 or more for special group rates. Contact us at NYCchoir@gettymusic.com for more information!

You will have two weeks to sign up as an alumni of the program before we open registration to the general public, so act quickly!

Basic Concert Information:

  • Concert is Wednesday, December 13 at 7:30pm at Carnegie Hall in New York City
  • Rehearsals will hold a similar schedule, with the first rehearsal to begin at 1pm on the 12th
  • The Gettys are creating a brand new choral arrangement just for NYC Choir and their Carnegie Hall concert. 
  • More updates and a few new surprises to be announced at a later date!
  • The exclusive registration cost for Alumni is $220 per singer.
  • Hotel rate is locked in at $229 per night

Please click the "Payment & Registration" link below. A credit card payment of $220 USD is required to complete your registration.

Click below to Register for the NYC Choir. To get the special Alumni rates, please follow these instructions...

1) Click the Registration button below and you'll be redirected to an EventBrite page that we've setup for the NYC Choir registration.

2) On the EventBrite page, click the "Tickets" button. 

3) You now have 25 minutes to complete the registration questions, the usual information (name, address, credit card and billing address) plus a series of custom questions (voice part, choir experience, and food allergies/dietary restrictions).

4) Then hit "Pay Now" and you're all set! You'll receive a confirmation email with important information that you'll want to save as a reference.

And remember, if you have any questions about the registration process or about the 2018 NYC Choir, please email Scott at NYCchoir@gettymusic.com