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Adore - When we sing to the Lord together we are bringing adoration, praise to Him. He is more valuable than all things and we are made to delight in Him first. When we adore something we know a lot about it. Our songs should be filled with who He is and all He has done so that we are bringing fullest praise to Him.


Belong - When we sing to the Lord together we show we belong to Him so we do want to sing as well as we can and mean it when we do! We encourage each other by singing God’s Truth to one another. We show we belong to the family of God here in our homes and in our churches, all over the world and also with those who lived before us. 


Carry - When we sing to the Lord we carry into our everyday life what we sing. Consider how we learn our alphabet - we sing it! We remember things better when we sing them so as we sing things rich in God’s Word they become part of how we think, how we feel, how we treat each other, how we spend our time. Through our songs we carry the gospel to the world. We also want to learn songs that we will remember and carry with us throughout our life so they ‘sing’ to us until our very last breath.

From generation to generation the people of God have always sung their faith in front of and alongside their children. They have been able to give voice to their praise through singing but also instruction to themselves and the children listening on through the lyrics they sang. What we sing, in huge measure, influences how we understand and live out our faith. 

The first Psalm tells us that blessed is the one who meditates day and night on God’s Word for they will be like a tree planted by streams of water, fruitful in season and prospering in all they do. Singing God’s Truth is one of the greatest ways we have been given to meditate on His Word and help our kids grow like fruitful trees, planted by the streams of living water.

We are created, commanded and compelled by the Lord to sing. If we are eager to teach our children about Bible study and prayer and service we must not exclude singing - it not only links to these other devotional disciplines but also uniquely strengthens their use in the daily life and learning of a child.
— Kristyn Getty
What we learn to music, especially when we are children stays with us all our lives. Even when we are old, “it will not depart from us.” How important, then, to learn life principles from the Word of God by singing them into our very souls when we are children. This is one of the best gifts we can ever give a child. What a great resource is this new Getty hymnal and CD for our kids and grandkids!
— Gloria Gaither
It always makes me so happy whenever an artist writes for the most important, wonderful and discerning audience of all. The Getty’s, our modern day hymn writers, have have turned their great gift to write an album of songs filled with robust theology, great music, anthems—all in the service of giving children hymns of their own. Wonderful, feet-stomping truth to sing! (I have a feeling, as with most great writing for children’, the adults will want to sing along too.)
— Sally Lloyd-Jones
Rock-solid, yet oh so fun... wonderfully timeless, yet completely contemporary. It’s the way I describe Keith and Kristyn’s fabulous new project, The Getty’s Kid’s Hymnal. I love their heart to help parents and children harmonize together in their worship of Jesus, using familiar hymns and new melodies with Spirit-blessed words. You just have to get a copy of this new book and CD for your kids — you’ll be helping them sing great doctrine with joyous delight, creating melodies in their hearts that will last a lifetime.
— Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends Disability Center