Welcome to the 2016 NYC Carnegie Hall Stage Choir registration page! We can't wait to see the responses from all across the globe. This will truly be a Carnegie Hall experience you'll never forget. If you have others from your city or church interested in coming with you, consider gathering a group of 12 or more for special group rates. Contact us at NYCchoir@gettymusic.com for more information!


Basic Concert Information:

  • Concert is Tuesday, December 20 at 7:30pm at Carnegie Hall in New York City
  • Rehearsals begin at 1:00pm on December 19th
  • You need to be a strong singer, be able to sing your part, memorize a lot of music, and have a heart for leading worship!

  • We will provide music, recordings, online rehearsals in the Fall, and a special webpage to provide you plenty of help and information along the way.

  • The Gettys will create a brand new choral arrangement just for NYC Choir and their Carnegie Hall concert. 
  • Special surprises to be announced at a later date!
  • The registration cost is $235 per singer.
  • Hotel rate is locked in at $199 per night, a GREAT rate to experience NYC at Christmas!

Please click the "Payment & Registration" link below. A credit card payment of $235 USD is required to complete your registration.